Genesis 46 A Tender Word from God

Genesis 46

Jacob was uncertain about this journey to Egypt. He didn’t know what would happen. Perhaps – he was afraid.

He did the only thing he knew to do. He did what his father and grandfather would have done. He paused to worship (v 1).

And the Lord’s response was the epitome of love and tenderness.

He appeared and he spoke to him.

Jacob, Jacob.

👉 God was tender with Jacob.

Can’t you just hear the softness of his voice in the dead of night? Have you ever held a hurting child and whispered his name over and over as he rested his head on your shoulder?

👉 God was familiar with Jacob.

Jacob’s name had been changed to Israel and, yet, in the dark of night – God whispered, “Jacob. Jacob.”

It’s like a loved one calling you a nickname. It’s a reminder that a special relationship exists.

👉 God and Jacob had history.

By calling him, Jacob, God reminded him that they had history. God “knew him when” and loved him all these years. He was with him during his days as a deceiving, hot head. He had given him numerous offspring. And, here, in the darkness, God reminds him of who He is in Jacob’s life.

I am God, the God of your father…

Do not be afraid…

I myself will go down with you…

I will also bring you up again…

Such tenderness.

👉 Whatever you are encountering today – God has a tender word for you.

Child, Child.

I am still God.

Do not be afraid.

I myself am going there with you and I will also bring you back.


You are loved by the God who is love.

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