Genesis 40-41 Joseph’s Testimony

Genesis 40-41

Look at how chapter 40 begins.

Some time after… (v 1)

For some time… (v 4)

Sometimes, friends, suffering lasts for some time.

Chapter 41 continues the theme with “after two whole years…”

Not just two years.

Two. whole. years.

And this is on top of the “some time after” and “for some time.” Can’t you just feel the weight of weariness?

It makes Joseph’s testimony all the more amazing.

{Remember his father, Jacob’s, testimony in chapter 35: God answers me in the day of my distress and God has been with me wherever I have gone.}

Joseph’s Testimony
• God has made me forget all my hardship (v 51).
• God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction (v 52).

Whatever suffering we endure – even the suffering that lasts for some time – God can make us forget and make us fruitful.

In her book, Suffering is Never for Nothing, Elisabeth Elliot quotes someone as saying, “When we get to heaven, the question will not be ‘Why all the suffering?’ It will be, ‘What suffering?’“

It will all fade away when faced with the glories revealed to those who are faithful. God will make us forget all our hardships.

Yes, Lord.

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