Genesis 30-32 Three Steps for When You’re Scared

Genesis 30-32

Jacob + Leah
• Reuben
• Simeon
• Levi
• Judah
• Issachar
• Zebulun
• Dinah (daughter)

Jacob + Bilhah
• Dan
• Naphtali

Jacob + Zilpah
• Gad
• Asher

Jacob + Rachel
• Joseph

In chapter 31, the Lord told Jacob to go back home (v 3). Many years had passed and many things had changed, but what hadn’t changed was the wrong that Jacob committed against Esau.

Jacob obeyed but he was greatly afraid. Remember – he had left home all those years ago because Esau wanted him dead. Had anything changed? He didn’t know.

In chapter 32, we see how Jacob handled a scary situation.


  1. Remind yourself of God’s promises (v 9).
  2. Confess your fears to God (v 10-11).
  3. Remind yourself of God’s promises (v 12).

👉 Uncertainty is scary. The key is to constantly remind ourselves of what is not uncertain – The love and goodness of God.

Happy November! You are loved!

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