Genesis 29 The Lord is Aware of Your Affliction

Genesis 29

Here’s the situation.

Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah and she was:

• unattractive v 21
• unwanted v 25
• unloved v 31

Jacob then married Rachel and Rachel was:

• beautiful v 17
• loved v 18
• greatly desired v 20
• barren v 31

Jacob and Leah have:

• Reuben
• Simeon
• Levi
• Judah

👉 What stood out to me, however, wasn’t about Jacob, Leah, or Rachel. It was the Lord at work in the midst of it all.

When the Lord saw… v 31

The Lord looked… v 32

The Lord has heard… v 33

We are never alone. The Lord sees, takes note of, and hears us. He is aware of our affliction and is at work in it.

You are loved.

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