Genesis 27 On Prayer and Patience

Genesis 27

One thing that I’ve been doing as we work through Genesis is picking up on themes.

The theme of prayer for instance. Abraham prayed and Lot was saved. Isaac prayed and Rebekah was given children. Prayer is a good theme.

Another theme that I’m seeing, however, is the tendency of humanity to try to manipulate circumstances. First we had Abraham and Sarah – who had been told by God that offspring were coming – growing impatient and trying to do it their way. Enter Hagar, Ishmael, etc.

Here, in chapter 27, we have Rebekah. She had already been told by the Lord that Esau would serve Jacob. Jacob was her favorite and she really wanted him to receive Isaac’s blessing.

So, she manipulated the situation. She had Jacob lie and deceive. She caused extreme animosity between the brothers. And why? The Lord had already said what would take place.

Why interfere?

Because we are obsessed with being in control. Deep down inside, we have this suspicion that God just may get it wrong.

I do it. I live as if God needs my help to keep everything on track. Me – the one who sometimes forgets to give my children lunch. Who once packed up five kids and drove an hour to the orthodontist only to discover that I was there a day early. Who, once upon a time, showed up to a really important work meeting with my husband’s dress sock stuck to the back of my sweater.

All I’m saying is – maybe, just maybe – God can handle his business without our interference. Maybe we just believe and obey. Perhaps we focus on prayer and patience.

Just a thought.

You are loved.

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