Genesis 24 The Lord at Work

Genesis 24

There is a chill in the air this morning, friends, and I am here for it. My coffee is half gone. My little faux fireplace is going strong. The sun is shining and God is good.

We are in a part of Genesis where it is a lot of facts and genealogy and – while interesting – sometimes difficult to find application. That’s ok! Information is good and, as you read through Scripture, names and small tidbits will stick out and you’ll say, “Ah! I know that name.” Or that place. Or why God set that thing in motion five chapters ago.

In this chapter, Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son, Isaac. Abraham was too old at this point to travel and wanted a wife from his own people for Isaac (v 3-4).

It just so happened that Abraham had a very trusted servant who also happened to be a man of faith and was willing to make the journey (v 10-14).

It just so happened that a lovely young woman crossed the servant’s path and did all of the things he had prayed she would do to let him know she was the one.

It just so happened that she was a second cousin to Isaac (this is a good thing in this day).

I hope you’re beginning to see that nothing “just so happened” but that God was with Abraham and Isaac and the servant and Rebekah every step of the way.

Rebekah was (v 15-20)
• very attractive
• a maiden
• generous
• hard working

And Isaac loved her (v 67).

👉 Think about the things that “just happened” to work out for your good. The coincidences. The lucky breaks. The better than you deserved scenarios. The people who were there at just the right time. Sometimes, it’s only in looking back that we see, God was at work all along.

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