Genesis 21 The Faithfulness of God

Genesis 21

The chapter ( v 1-2) opens with reminders of God’s faithfulness. That things happen on God’s timetable.

• As he had said…
• As he had promised…
• At the time of which God had spoken…

At this point, Abraham was 100 years old. He now has Isaac, but it’s 25 years after the promise. Just because we can read the whole story in a day or two, let’s not forget that it was real people waiting a really long time. {And, being without children in that culture, Abraham and Sarah had probably prayed for offspring for years prior to the promise.}

👉 A reminder for anyone in the wilderness today:

• God hears you (v 17)
• God will speak to you (v 17)
• God can reveal things to you (v 19)
• God is with you (v 20)

You are loved.

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