Genesis 18 Do the Thing

Genesis 18

PROMISE: a baby for Sarah (v 10)

PROBLEM: Sarah is barren (v 11)

POSED QUESTION: Is anything too hard for the Lord? (V 14)

👉 Our promises and problems may differ but the question is always the same: Is anything too hard for the Lord? {Spoiler alert: the answer is “no”.)

According to this chapter (v 19), what would it look like for Abraham’s household to “keep the way of the Lord?”

• do righteousness
• do justice

Not think about.

Not post about.

Not argue about.

Not study about.

Not have an opinion about.

DO righteousness.

DO justice.

👉 The louder people are online, the less they are probably doing in real life.

Someone out there is desperate for you to do the thing.

Have a beautiful Friday, friends.

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