Genesis 13 Walk Wisely

Genesis 13

Abram and Lot both grow quite wealthy and the place they currently found themselves could not sustain them both (1-7).

To avoid conflict, Abram suggests that they part ways and he gives Lot first dibs on land (v 9). Lot chose what was “pleasing to the eye” much like Eve did in Genesis 3:6.

The land Lot chose included Sodom where the men were wicked and great sinners against the Lord (v 12-13).

Abram settles in the land of Canaan and the Lord promises to give him:

  1. All the land he sees
  2. Offspring more numerous than the sand

The enemy is crafty, y’all. He doesn’t present sin to us in all of its ugliness. No – he always wraps it up in something shiny so that it’s pleasing to the eye.

Eve saw some yummy fruit.

Lot saw some pleasant land.

Nobody goes into the pit because they like pain but because it was disguised as pleasure. It was pleasing to the eye and full of false promises.

Walk wisely.

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