Genesis 12 Fear and Faith

Genesis 12

👉 Abram was told to leave (v 1):

• his country
• his kindred
• his father’s house

👉 God promised (v 2-3):

• to make him a great nation
• to bless him
• to make his name great
• to make him a blessing
• to bless those who blessed him
• to curse those who dishonored him

👉 So Abram went…(v 4)

So far – so good.

Then – Abram, Sarai, and Lot ended up in Egypt due to a famine. Abram feared that he would be killed bc of his beautiful wife and so he lied.

Fear made him lie and, essentially, offer up his wife to save his own skin.

Sure, we could be Judgy McJudgerson here. Believe me, I was tempted.

Abram heard God’s command. Abram knew God’s promise.
Abram set out on a journey of faith.

But, then, uncertainty began to creep in and fear began to follow.

Perhaps we can’t relate to Abram’s actions, but we can certainly relate to his motivation.


Familiar left behind.

Far from home.

Faith that is fighting to hang on with every step farther into a foreign land.

Okay, Abram, I see you. I see you struggling and stumbling in your faith and, yet, staying the course.

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