Genesis 10 Noah’s Family (The After the Ark Edition)

Genesis 10

Upon exiting the ark, the Lord told Noah and his sons to be fruitful and multiply – to increase greatly on the earth (Genesis 9:1, 7). And so they did.

👉 Japheth’s offspring become the coastland people (v 5).

👉 Ham has four sons named: Cush, Egypt, Put, Canaan.

  • We know Canaan was cursed due to Ham’s actions against his father, Noah.
  • Cush has a son, Nimrod, whose kingdom eventually includes Babel and Ninevah. Go to Jonah 1:2 to see what was happening in Ninevah.

👉 Shem’s people inhabit the area from Mesha to the hill country of the east (v 30).

Chapters like this one may not have some big inspiring takeaway in the moment. But, as you take note of names and places throughout the Bible, you will see God at work in people’s stories.

You’ll see promises fulfilled. Kingdoms rise and fall. God’s people persevere. A remnant that always remained. And the whisper of hope throughout the generations.

My husband said something yesterday in his sermon that really stood out to me in terms of Bible reading/studying/teaching.

“If you teach any passage and don’t get to Jesus – you missed the point.”

So, when you’re tempted to skim over a chapter or view it as unimportant because there isn’t a clear takeaway, just remember – it’s all leading to Jesus. Ask for eyes that are always looking for Him.

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  1. Such a great take away, thank you. I remember the first time I read Nimrod in the Bible, I had to giggle a little bit and the context we use his name today. I appreciate all of your insight!

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