Genesis 9 Two Ways to Respond When a Brother in Christ Stumbles

Genesis 9

This is the lesser known portion of Noah’s story – the one they don’t share in children’s church. The one where Noah gets drunk and naked (v 21).

It made me ask the question:

What are we prone to do when our brother or sister falls in some way?


  1. The Ham Method (v 22))

We see the fall. We attempt to shame or embarrass the person. We gossip and attempt to rally others to join our pearl clutching and tsk tsking.

  1. The Shem and Japheth Method (v 23)

We deal with the issue privately. We take steps to restore the person’s dignity. We do not delight in their shame. We “cover their nakedness.”

👉 Shem and Japheth dealt gently with their father in his failing. They covered his nakedness much like God covered Adam and Eve’s nakedness in the garden (Genesis 3:21).

Maybe it’s because I’m reading Gentle and Lowly for the third time but I believe that we are most like Christ when we deal gently with those who sin and those who suffer (and isn’t that all of us.)

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