Genesis 5 Live Like Noah

Genesis 6

The world in Noah’s day? Let’s just take a look at it.

• folks followed their own desires (v 2)
• it was wicked (v 5)
• everyone had evil thoughts continually (v 5)
• it was corrupt (v 11)
• it was filled with violence (v 11)

No one could be expected to live a godly live in the midst of such mayhem, right? It’s every man for himself, right?

Then – there was Noah.

• found favor in the eyes of the Lord (v 8 )
• was righteous (v 9)
• walked with God (v 9)
• did all that God commanded him to do (v 22)

This chapter opened with us being told that the men did whatever they chose to do (v 2). And it closed with us knowing that Noah did whatever God told him to do (v 22).

What this tells me is that it is possible to live godly in a world that is anything but godly. It’s possible to walk with God in the midst of wickedness. And that God sees and rewards such righteousness.

It’s okay, friends, if we look absolutely nothing like the world around us. More than okay, actually.

Be different today.

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