Genesis 5 The Power of a Godly Heritage

Genesis 5

When God Made Man:

• he made him in the likeness of God (v 1)
• he made them male and female (v 2)
• he blessed them (v 2)
• he named them (v 2)

But look what happened after sin entered the picture.

Adam fathered a son in HIS own likeness, after HIS image.

Adam’s son, Seth, was an image bearer of God and also carried the image and likeness of Adam (v 3).

👉 Isn’t that the case with each of us? Created in the image of God but also carrying the likeness of Adam? The struggle of faith vs flesh always going on within us?

I know I’m in the minority here – but I have an affection for lists of lineage in Scripture.

(v 6-29)

Adam 👉 Seth 👉 Enosh 👉 Kenan 👉 Mahalalel 👉 Jared 👉 Enoch 👉 Methuselah 👉 Lamech 👉 Noah

We know that Noah was righteous – apparently the only one on earth at the time. But I love that we are given just a little snippet into his heritage of faith in this chapter.

Of his great grandfather it is said, “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him (v 24).”

Don’t we all have some questions for ol’ Enoch?

Don’t give up praying for your children. Your grandchildren. Your great grandchildren. Walk with God and pray in faith for future generations. You never know the power of a godly heritage.

Live like you’re loved. Because you are. ♥️

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