Genesis 4 A Tale of Three Sons

Genesis 4

Three Sons


• worker of the ground (v 2)
• brought “an offering of the fruit” (v 3)
• the Lord had no regard for Cain’s offering (v 5)
• Cain was very angry (v 5)
• Cain killed his brother Abel (v 8 )
• became a fugitive and wanderer (v 12)
• had a son Enoch (v 17) – Irad – Megujael – Methushael – Lamech


• keeper of sheep (v 2)
• brought the firstborn of his flock (v 4)
• the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering (v 4)
• killed by his brother (v 8 )


• had a son named Enosh (v 26)
• people began to call on the name of the Lord (v 26)

👉 Cain did not make God a priority in his life. He was selfish with his offering, envious of his brother, and angry at the whole situation. By not putting God first, Cain opened the door for all kinds of evil.

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