Genesis 3 The Serpent Enters the Scene

Genesis 3

The Serpent 🐍

• is crafty (v 1)
• tests our knowledge of God’s Word (v 1)
• will lie to us regarding the consequences of our sin (v 4)
• wants us to question God’s motives and his goodness (v 5)

Sin Causes Us To:

• hide from other people (v 7)
• hide from God (v 8 )
• feel fear (v 10)
• feel shame (v 10)

Consequences of Adam and Eve’s Sin:

• the marital relationship was directly affected (v 16)
• man’s work became harder to carry out (v 17-18)
• death entered the picture (v 19)
• man is blocked from the tree of life (v 24)

👉 Do you want some good news? For those in Christ – one of the blessings for those who endure is found in Revelation 2:7 and directly reverses the curse of the fall.

The enemy wanted Adam and Eve to question God’s heart but, even after their disobedience, God covered their shame and did not leave them in their nakedness (v 21).

Go out there and love on someone today, friends!

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