Genesis 2 When God Breathes

Genesis 2

Fun fact: Genesis 2:7 is one of my favorite verses. Not in a – engrave it on a coffee mug way – but in a – I can’t wrap my mind around it way.

We were handmade by a holy God and then – as if that weren’t enough – he breathed God breath right into our lungs. Man was made but he didn’t live until God breathed.

In Ezekiel 37 – there’s a valley of dry bones – death. There were many of them and they were very dry. They had been dead a long time, y’all. And all it took for those dead bones to live again was for God to breathe again.

And then – stay with me – generations later in an upper room terrified disciples were hiding after Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus walked into a locked room and filled them with the Holy Spirit by – are you ready – breathing on them.

Sit with that for a minute.

God breath brought life in Genesis.

God breath brought new life in Ezekiel.

God breath brought renewed life in John.

Whatever we are dealing with – no matter how dry the bones – no matter how great the fear or shame…

All it takes is for God to breathe and everything changes.

{I’ll post an up close shot of the notes for this chapter in my stories.}

Happy Friday, friends.

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