2 Corinthians 8:1-7 The Grace of Generosity

2 Corinthians 8:1-7

Paul described the great generosity of the churches of Macedonia. He talked of how their abundant joy in the midst of extreme poverty resulted in a wealth of generosity among the people (v 1). Isn’t that so upside down from the way the world works?

Extreme poverty resulting in, not stinginess, but generosity – all because of the joy they had in the Lord.

In fact, Paul added, the people gave beyond their means and begged for the opportunity to do so (v 3-4). They were committed with their very lives to the Lord and to Kingdom work (v 5).

Paul then points out the strengths of the Corinthian church – the recipients of this letter (v 7). The church excelled in:

• faith
• speech
• knowledge
• earnestness
• love

These were (and are) all good things. But he made clear that these strengths were not enough. “See,” Paul said, “that you excel in generosity as well.”

May we not be a people who excel in words and knowledge and fail in the grace of generosity.

👉 Are our lives committed to the Lord and to Kingdom work?

👉 Do we “excel” in areas that cost us nothing? Are we weak in areas that require sacrifice for the Lord or for others?

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