1 Corinthians 1:1-9 Reminders as You Wait

1 Corinthians 1:1-9

🎉 It’s a new book of the Bible!

The first things we want to look at – specifically when beginning an epistle (letter) – are the author and the audience.

We don’t read Scripture through the lens of personal experience or current culture. A passage can’t mean for us what it would have never meant for the original reader/listener.

👉 AUTHOR (v 1)

Called by God
An apostle

👉 AUDIENCE (v 2)

Church in Corinth
People sanctified in Christ
Called to be saints
Spiritually united w/ other believers

👉 Paul is speaking to the church.

This is a message to believers “as they wait” for Christ’s return (v 7).


• to know Christ at all is an act of grace and nothing to be arrogant about (v 4)
• be rich in speech and knowledge of Jesus (v 5)
• spiritual gifts are given to help us until He comes (v 7)
• Jesus will sustain us until his return (v 8 )
• we will be presented as guiltless when Christ returns bc of our faith in him (v 8 )
• we have fellowship with Jesus – his son and our Lord (v 9)
• God is faithful (v 9)

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