Isaiah 63 Ten Things to Remember About the Lord When You Can’t See Him

Isaiah 63

If you’ve been around here long – and, if you have, thank you! – you’ve heard me say that one of the ways I study Scripture is to work backwards.

In this chapter, for instance, the latter portion asks the same question three times. And, it’s one we have all – in dark moments – asked.

Where is he? (v 11)

Where is he? (v 11)

Where is your zeal and might? (v 15)

Where are you, Lord??

I can’t see you. I can’t feel you.

What are we to do in those moments?

In the verses leading up to those questions – Isaiah remembers all that he knows to be true of the Lord.

👉 We have to know what is true of God before the battle. What we see in the light – we remember in the dark.


• the love of the Lord

• the Lord is worthy of praise

• the Lord’s goodness

• the Lord’s compassion

• the Lord’s saving power

• the Lord’s presence is not dependent on our ability to see him

• the Lord has pity on the broken

• the Lord offers redemption

• the Lord has lifted us in the past

• the Lord is able to carry us through anything

Even when I don’t see it – you’re working
Even when I don’t feel it – you’re working
You never stop – you never stop working

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