Isaiah 55 Who can come to you, Lord?

Isaiah 55

Have you ever thought that you couldn’t go to the Lord? That your offering was too small? Your sins too many? Your knowledge too minimal?

If so, this chapter is for you because it answers the question…


• the thirsty (v 1)

Notice that the very thing they lack is what God has to offer – the thirsty can come to the water.

• the empty handed (v 1)

Those with nothing to offer can come to the one who offers them everything.

• the one who has made poor decisions (v 2)

Isn’t this each and every one of us?

• the one who wasted what they were given and have nothing to show for it (v 2)

Have you spent your days in ways that were not profitable? Your money on things that didn’t matter? Your gifts in a manner that didn’t bring him glory?

• the unsatisfied (v 2)

Do you feel like there is something missing? Something more?

• the wicked looking for another way (v 7)

Are you tired of the way you’ve been living? Ashamed of where you’ve been? Embarrassed by what you’ve done?

If any of these things describe your current situation, the Lord says to you, “Come.”

What a beautiful invitation.

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