Isaiah 54 From Grief to Glory

Isaiah 54

👉 Bible study tip: sometimes you need to work backwards.

I read the chapter. Didn’t really note or highlight anything. Then I got to the last verse.

“This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.”

That’s important. So, I began reading backwards to see what I had missed about this heritage that is mine.


• the steadfast love of the Lord (v 10)

• his covenant of peace (v 10)

• the compassion of the Lord (v 10)

• a glorious future (v 11-12)

• children taught by the Lord (v 13)

• great peace for God’s children (v 13)

• established in righteousness (v 14)

• far from oppression and fear (v 14)

• no weapon shall succeed against you (v 17)

All of these promises are found in one quotation from the Lord in verses 11-17.

So, if we use today’s tip and work backward – this is what we discover.

  1. There are good things coming for God’s people (v 17).
  2. These are all of the good things (v 12-16).
  3. God’s people are not there yet (v 11).

Do you see who is receiving these promises?

O afflicted one…


Not comforted.

What we currently experience doesn’t compare to what is awaiting us, friends.

So, what are we to do if we find ourselves afflicted, storm-tossed, and not comforted?

Let’s keep working backwards all the way to verse 1-3.

Speaking to the “barren” and “desolate” one, the Lord said to live with:

• expectation (v 1) – sing because though they are currently barren, good things are coming

• preparation (v 2) – enlarge the place, make room for the blessings that are coming

Whatever your today looks like – even if it’s storm-tossed and afflicted or barren and desolate – live with EXPECTATION and PREPARATION because the Lord has promised a beautiful heritage to those who belong to Him.

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