Isaiah 50 Seven Tips for Bible Study

Isaiah 50


  1. Approach God’s Word with a desire to be taught by it (v 4).

Don’t approach Scripture trying to prove yourself right or thinking you already know all there is to know about a passage.

  1. Learn how to rightly use God’s Word (v 4).

As my husband says, “The right word at the right time in the right way.” This requires wisdom and discernment.

  1. Be in God’s Word consistently (v 4).

Morning by morning. It won’t happen accidentally.

  1. Embrace and obey the instruction and correction of God’s Word (v 5).

Remember the promise of Isaiah 48:18. Obedience brings peace like a river.

  1. Accept that some will ridicule and reject you because of your love for God’s Word (v 6).

They rejected Him. They’ll reject you. You’re in great company.

  1. Be absolutely committed to God’s Word (v 7).

Set your face like flint. Do not compromise. Do not doubt.

  1. Believe in the victory promised to you in God’s Word (v 7).

God is not just a promise maker. He is a promise keeper. Every word will come true.

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