Isaiah 43 Who You Are in Christ

Isaiah 43

One of the ways the world tries to break us down is to lie to us about our identity. If you find yourself saying things like:

I am not enough.

I am too much.

I am unloved.

I am alone.

I have no purpose.

I am incapable.

If your thoughts run along these lines – you’re allowing the world and the enemy to lie to you.

Because God – the One who made you on purpose and with a purpose – says quite differently.


• redeemed (v 1)

• chosen and called (v 1)

• His (v 1)

• not alone (v 2)

• precious (v 4)

• honored (v 4)

• loved (v 4)

• valuable (v 4)

• a witness (v 10)

• safe in His hand (v 13)

• forgiven (v 25)

You are loved, sweet friends.

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