Isaiah 7:1-9 Firm in the Face of Battle

Isaiah 7:1-9

There was an enemy coming for the people of Judah. And the enemy wasn’t coming alone. The king of Syria had joined with the king of Israel and they were after Jerusalem.

That’s often the way it is – right? One problem? We could maybe handle it. But it’s the “various/multiple” trials that Peter and Paul and James all refer to in the New Testament that can be our undoing.

The heart of the people shook (v 2).

Here’s the thing. This doesn’t mean that the people felt a little anxious about the upcoming battle. That would be understandable. It isn’t describing a mixture of fear and adrenaline that would accompany such an attack.

The word “shook” has a much bigger connotation.

👉 Shook: to tremble, to make unstable, to move aimlessly, to be tossed about

Basically, y’all, the people were a mess. And we’re all nodding our heads because we’ve been there or, perhaps, are there.

But the Lord tells them, “Don’t let your hearts be faint.”

Don’t stop believing.

Be firm.

He warns them that unbelief in their God will make them unstable in every area of life (v 8).

James gives a similar warning, “…for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” That idea of being “tossed about” is the same as being “shook” in this passage in Isaiah. Doubt makes us able to be shaken.

👉 Something extra to ponder: in the face of an aggressive enemy, the Lord says, “Be careful and be quiet.” Hmm…that alone will preach. 😉

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