Isaiah 1:1-20 Come Now

Isaiah 1:1-20

At the time of Isaiah‘s vision – the state of God’s people wasn’t good.

• rebellion (v 2)
• ignorance (v 3)
• sin and corruption (v 4)
• estrangement (v 4)
• sickness (v 5)
• wounded (v 6)
• desolation (v 7)
• no longer seen/heard (v 15)

And, yet – even then –

God sent this vision to Isaiah – a message to God’s people – that they could still return to him (v 18).

“Come,” God said.


“Now,” God said.


“Just as you are – with your sins like scarlet and your shame like crimson.”

Seventeen verses of all the ways the people had fallen and failed and, then, one word from the Lord.


It’s a great word, y’all.

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