James 5:7-12 Patience in Pain

James 5:7-12

Who doesn’t love a good lesson on patience? Everybody’s favorite topic, right?!?

When referring to suffering, James said…

• be patient (v 7)
• see how the farmer waits (v 7)
• being patient (v 7)
• be patient (v 8 )
• an example of suffering and patience (v 10)

But – how, James? How are we to do this patience thing you speak of?

  1. Establish your heart (v 8 )

The word here means to make fast, to fix securely, to put firmly in place. In other words, the anchor must be down before the storm hits.

  1. Remember that Jesus is coming again (v 8 ).

We endure our hurts by keeping an eye on heaven. The worst trial is temporary. No pain is permanent. Jesus is coming soon and we won’t ever look back.

  1. Ponder the patience of the prophets (v 10).

We are not alone. Pain is part of the human condition. But Jesus will make all things new.

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