James 1:1-18 The Joy of an Unchanging God

James 1:1-18

Twenty years before Peter was telling the exiles to rejoice in the midst of trials, James was speaking the same words to them. There is something about the consistency of godly wisdom and encouragement.

Count it all joy, he said, because there is a string of events that are about to happen.

👉 trials test faith
👉 a proven faith produces steadfastness
👉 steadfastness results in a completeness and a realization that we lack nothing

The one who remains steadfast:
• is blessed (present tense)
• will receive the crown of life (future)

⭐️ We can count it all joy because our circumstances may change but our God never does (v 17)!

👉 Drop those sweet emojis below if you’re thankful for an unchanging God!

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