2 Peter 3 Grow in Knowledge

2 Peter 3

Oh, how I hate to see Peter’s letters come to an end.

Four times in just this chapter, Peter called the readers, “Beloved.” He had such genuine care and concern for his fellow believers. And, because of that concern, he was determined to remind them of truth as long as he had breath in his body.

If we love people – which we are commanded to do – we should be constantly reminding them of the truth.

v 1-4

Peter is reminding his beloved fellow Christ followers about the predictions of the prophets and the words of Jesus himself regarding Jesus’ second coming.

Why is this is an issue?

Because – as we saw in chapter 2 and again here in verse 17 – false teachers were twisting Scripture to bring doubt to believers.

We must grow in grace AND KNOWLEDGE (v 18) so that we can stand firm, confident in what we know to be true, and not be carried away.

Listen, y’all, the enemy is still on the prowl. He has not given up. He is seeking someone – anyone – to devour. And, if you want to get really fired up, read 2 Timothy 3:6-7.

👉 One of his targets – weak women.

We must be in the Word so that we can know truth. The enemy is hoping to find us as ignorant as him (v 16).

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