2 Peter 2 – 15 Characteristics of False Teachers

2 Peter 2

Peter’s second letter is only three chapters long and he devoted an entire chapter – 22 verses – to describing false teachers.


Because false teachers were prevalent, dangerous, and in. the. church.

“There will be false teachers among you,” Peter warned.

We must be wise and discerning and able to recognize the false teachers among us.


  1. they will be found among believers (v 1)
  2. they will bring their false teachings right into the church (v 1)
  3. they will deny the Lordship of Christ (v 1)
  4. they bring destruction upon themselves (v 1)
  5. they will convince many to follow them (v 2) – {wide is the gate and broad the road that leads to destruction and many will choose it – Matthew 7:13}
  6. they are greedy (v 3)
  7. they are deceitful (v 3)
  8. they exploit people (v 3)
  9. they are bold / in a reckless way (v 10)
  10. they are willful / stubborn and arrogant (v 10)
  11. they blaspheme (v 10)
  12. they are irrational (v 12)
  13. they pose as and mingle with Christians (v 13)
  14. they entice / lure / take advantage of unsteady souls (v 14)
  15. they promise what they can’t provide – specifically freedom (v 19)

Stay wise, friends. Let’s make sure we can recognize false teaching and teachers when we hear or see it/them.

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