2 Peter 1:1-15 Qualities of a Fruitful Life

👉 Because we are still two weeks from doing 1 Peter together (this will begin on Thursday, April 29), I thought I would share my thoughts on 2 Peter until then. ♥️

2 PETER 1:1-15

When we come to faith in Christ (v 1) we are given everything we need for life and godliness (v 3). I love that Peter identifies himself as an apostle and then says, “because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ, our faith gives us all an equal standing.”

We all come to Jesus bankrupt and empty handed and we all become rich because of his righteousness. We then begin the process of becoming more and more like him (v 4).

Because of these precious and very great promises (v 4), we must make every effort (yes, effort!) to have lives marked by:

• virtue
• knowledge
• self control
• steadfastness
• godliness
• brotherly affection
• love

Without these qualities:

  • our lives / ministries will be ineffective and unfruitful
  • we become blind regarding the grace and mercy we have received and we will fail to offer grace and mercy to others

👉 Which of these traits do you need a little more of today?

Drop your favorite emoji below! I’ve missed seeing y’all’s responses!

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