Proverbs 30 : Silence Can Be Golden

Proverbs 30

The writer tells us about these four groups of people.

  1. the disrespectful (v 11)
  2. the hypocrites (v 12)
  3. the arrogant (v 13)
  4. the cruel (v 14)

Raise your hand if you immediately starting thinking of someone you know who falls into one of those categories.

👉 Study tip: when you read a passage on the wicked/foolish/arrogant, etc – don’t ask yourself, “Who do I know that fits this description?” That’s our tendency. Ask the Lord, “Does this describe me in any way?”

Because, the author here isn’t warning the reader to avoid such people. We all know to do that.

He says, “If you have been that person… (!!)…here is what you need to do.”

And what is his advice? Stop talking! Put your hand over your mouth if necessary! Just shut your trap!

How many of our troubles – our misunderstandings – our that came out way more harsh/obnoxious/arrogant than I intended scenarios – could have been prevented if we would just. stop. talking?

Every opportunity to speak is also an opportunity to remain silent, y’all. 😉

👉 Drop those sweet emojis below and maybe a little 🙋‍♀️ or 🤦‍♀️ if you could have saved yourself some heartache by keeping your mouth shut. 😉

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