Proverbs 29 The Need for Self Control

Proverbs 29

First, we see characteristics of a fool.

• causes chaos (v 8 )
• is angry and rude in a disagreement (v 9)
• hates the upright (v 10)
• has no control over passions/emotions (v 11)

We have all, no doubt, been in the presence of such a person. Or, most likely, have been that person at some point in our lives.

BUT – what stood out to me was not the ways of the foolish. It was that there is more hope for the fool – the chaos creating, rude, hateful, let it all hang out person – than for the man hasty with his words (v 20).

Self control is a fruit of the Spirit. We need self control:

  • with our emotions (v 11)
  • with our words (v 20)
  • specifically with our anger (v 22)

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19).

Quick. Slow. Slow.

That is the rhythm of a godly life.

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