Proverbs 28 The Wicked and The Righteous

Proverbs 28


• always running
• bring inconsistency
• praise wickedness
• do not understand justice
• crooked in his ways
• companion of gluttons
• benefits financially from the poverty of others
• misleads the upright
• conceals his own transgressions
• hardens his heart
• greedy
• ignores the poor


• stand boldly
• bring stability
• fight wickedness
• understand justice completely
• walk with integrity
• keep the law
• generous to the poor
• blameless
• confesses and repents
• fears the Lord
• trusts the Lord
• gives to the poor

I love a good side-by-side chart. Which of these pairings of traits made you stop and think?

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Only three proverbs left!

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  1. 🙏🏻

    I also love a good side-by-side comparison. Thank you again for the insight and wisdom that’s broken down and easy to digest. I flip between the ESV and NIV often. I’m always learning and appreciate you going through the books the away you do.

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