Proverbs 24 Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom

Proverbs 24

There are many potential obstacles to living a righteous life. The flesh in us can make it difficult to live the way we desperately desire to live.

We must fight:

• envy (v 1-2)
• folly (v 8-9)
• weakness of character (v 10)
• temptations to gloat (v 16-17)
• worry (v 19)
• bad company (v 21)
• deception (v 28)

Mercy. We often get it wrong don’t we? There’s grace for that. Lots and lots of grace. But – how do we stop choosing those things?

The answer is far simpler than the problem.

• wisdom and understanding (v 3)
• knowledge (v 4)
• wisdom and knowledge (v 5)
• wise guidance / counselors (v 6)
• wisdom (v 14)

We must be wiser, friends. We must devour wisdom at every opportunity (v 13.) We must surround ourselves with wise people (v 6).

As the world spins a little faster and things seem a little crazier – this is not the time to grow lazy in our faith.

A little laziness (a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands)leads to a lot of loss (overgrown, covered, broken down) – v 30-33.

Let’s choose wisdom this week, friends. You are loved.

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