Proverbs 20 Three Questions for Today

Proverbs 20


1. Do we proclaim steadfast love without practicing steadfast love (v 6)?

If we are not living – in private – what we are posting – in public – then we are frauds. Worse than that, we are hypocrites. If we are teaching to our brother or sister what we are not practicing ourselves- it’s all for nothing.

2. Are we living in a way that will bring blessing to our children (v 7)?

Our children are blessed when they have parents who live righteously. The decisions we make, the way we treat others, our obedience to the Lord – it all affects our children after us.

3. Do we spend time with people who give wise counsel or who are careless with their words (v 18-19)?

If we became like the people we are around the most – would that be a good thing? OR – perhaps a better question – if the people who are around us the most became like us – would that be a good thing for them?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y’all.

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