Proverbs 15 : 8 Questions to Ask Myself Before I Speak

Proverbs 15

Words are hard, y’all.

Our church is about to do some loving on our community and we are praying that we will have the opportunity for some gospel conversations. As I’ve been praying – I find myself getting very anxious. Afraid of looking foolish. Not having the right answers. Just plain doing it wrong.

This morning’s proverb gave me a sense of peace about it. It doesn’t describe someone who always uses the correct terminology or who never stumbles over her words.

So, whether we are sharing the gospel, having a disagreement, counseling a brother or sister, or just hanging out with friends – here is what matters about our words.


• soft or harsh (v 1)
• filled with wisdom or folly (v 2)
• life giving or spirit breaking (v 4)
• spreading knowledge (v 7)
• trouble or treasure (v 16)
• appropriate for the situation (v 23)
• gracious (v 26)
• well thought out (v 28)

I don’t know about you but there is some definite room for improvement in my word usage. 😳

👉 Which of these 8 questions made you stop and think the most?

It’s almost Friday and you are always loved.

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