Proverbs 10 Using Words Wisely

Proverbs 10

Words matter. There’s no way around it. We have all come to know that “words will never hurt me” is complete and utter nonsense. Words wound and leave soul deep scars.

We must be more careful in our speech. There’s a reason that Scripture addresses speech so. many. times. We must be a people who know when to speak up and when to remain silent.

👉 The mouth of the righteous:

• is a fountain of life (v 11) – are people lifted up and made better by my words?

• is filled with wisdom (v 13)

• contains knowledge (v 14)

• chooses words carefully (v 19)

• contains words of value (v 20)

• benefits many (v 21)

• brings forth wisdom (v 31)

• knows what is acceptable (v 32)

👉 The mouth of the wicked:

• conceals violence (v 11)

• lacks sense (v 13)

• brings about ruin (v 14)

• has many words (v 19)

• uses words of little worth (v 20)

• brings death (v 21)

• will be cut off (v 31)

• knows what is perverse (v 32)

Lord, help us to use our words wisely. May we be a source of life and wisdom to those around us.

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