Proverbs 8 How to Recognize Wisdom

Proverbs 8

We read in Proverbs 7 that sin is everywhere.

We read in Proverbs 1 that wisdom is also everywhere.

So, this begs the question – how can we know which is which? With folly and wisdom both crying out – how do we recognize wisdom?


• speaks noble things (v 6)
• what is right comes from its lips (v 6)
• it will utter truth (v 7)
• all of its words are righteous (8 )
• there is nothing crooked or twisted in its speech (v 8 )
• gives counsel and sound advice (v 14)
• shows insight and strength (v 14)
• encourages and promotes justice (v 15-16, 20)
• proves valuable (v 18-19)
• gives life (v 35)

We recognize wisdom in someone by how they speak. Their words will give them away.

Now, we all make mistakes and say things we wish we could take back. We don’t look for perfection in people but patterns. Are we likely to hear them speak truth? Of noble things? Life giving words? Valuable advice?

This is who we want to be and be around.

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