Proverbs 7 Choose Wisely

Proverbs 7

Sin, y’all. It’s out there.

• it’s waiting for us to make a wrong turn (v 10)
• it’s everywhere (v 11-12)
• it’s aggressive and bold (v 13)
• it seeks us out (v 15)
• it promises delight (v 18)
• it promises secrecy (v 19)
• it’s persuasive (v 21)
• it’s so very costly (v 23)

I’ll admit – it’s a little disheartening. I mean – sin is in the street. It’s in the market. It’s on every corner. How on earth are we to avoid it?! I’m so glad you asked.

Guess what else is in the street? In the market? On every street corner? Read Proverbs 1:20-21.

Wisdom! All those places sin is waiting – wisdom is also there. When sin is crying out (v 11) – wisdom also cries out (Prov 1:20).

We have a choice.

Notice that all of the descriptions of sin come AFTER the young man (lacking sense) chose to be at the wrong place at the wrong time (v 8-9).

👉 For further thought on this, you can go to 2 Samuel 11 and see what happened when King David chose to stay home at the time all of the kings were supposed to go out to battle.

Contrary to catchy cliches – the devil doesn’t make us do it. We have choices. Choose wisely, friends.

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You are loved.

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