Proverbs 5 Warning Against Adultery

Proverbs 5

The enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy and one of his key targets is a godly marriage. A godly marriage is a representation of Christ and the Church and, can I just tell you, Satan hates it.

This proverb is a stern warning from a father to his son regarding the dangers of toying with sin and the slippery slope to adultery.


• constantly seek wisdom (v 1)
• listen to godly counsel (v 7)
• invest in your marriage and be intentional regarding intimacy (v 15-19)
• pay close attention to the path you’re on – if nothing changes – where will you end up (v 21)


• fall for flattery (v 3)
• wander aimlessly – pay attention (v 6)
• toy with temptation (v 8 )
• ignore instruction (v 13)
• reject discipline (v 23)

Whether you’re currently unmarried, in a great marriage, in a rocky marriage – there is wisdom here that we can apply to ourselves. It’s a call to examine our own hearts and where we have possibly wandered and didn’t even realize it (v 6).

Y’all are loved.

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