Proverbs 3:13-35 Applying Wisdom

Proverbs 3:13-35

Though I am imperfect and fail regularly, I am a huge believer in applying Scripture. I think people need to know that God’s Word is beautiful to read, important to understand, AND also applicable to their daily lives.

God’s Word is important on Monday morning when you’re on your way to a job that you don’t like. On Tuesday when you don’t know how to pay the light bill. On Wednesday when your temper got away from you. On Thursday when you’re lonely. On Friday…you get the point.

This section gave some very practical ways to apply the wisdom we gain from Scripture.

• Wisdom enables us to not fear the things others fear. We don’t worry about the future bc our confidence is in the Lord and not man (v 24-26)
• Wisdom teaches us to be ready and willing to give to others. We should respond to needs brought to us and actively seek ways to give (v 27-28).
• Wisdom instills in us a desire to see others prosper and succeed in life. We should be seeking the welfare of the communities in which we live (v 29-30.)
• Wisdom drives out envy because we realize how much we have been given and we no longer desire the things that are not good for us (v 31).

Happy Hump Day! Stay warm. You are loved.

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