Colossians 4:2-6 Praying, Living, Speaking

Colossians 4:2-6

Paul always ends his epistles (letters) with final instructions. They are always direct and to the point. Were he alive today – he would certainly be the kind to step on your toes unapologetically with the truth. Not to be controversial – but out of love.

Here he addressed three areas of life for the believers.


• should be continual (v 2)
• should be steadfast (v 2)
• should contain thanksgiving (v 2)
• for other believers (v 3)
• for the gospel to spread (v 3)

Walk / Live

• with wisdom (v 5)
• among unbelievers 👉 an assumption that our lives would intersect with people who don’t know the Lord (v 5)
• don’t waste time (v 5)

Speech / Words

• always be gracious (v 6)
• speak clearly (v 4)
• seasoned with salt (v 6)


Think about salt in food.
• adds flavor / interest
• is necessary in virtually every food
• can be over used (!)
• too much is unhealthy (!)
• people have varying amounts that they are comfortable with
• too much overpowers the meal just as too many words can overpower the message

Paul’s words still give us plenty to ponder today. Amen?

You are loved.

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