Colossians 1:24-29 Joy and Suffering

Colossians 1:24-29

In this section, I’m going to break down a couple sentences to show you how I “study” a passage.

👉 verse 24-25

Paul said that he rejoiced in his suffering. The logical question would be, “How is that possible?” And Paul told us.

  1. He rejoiced because it was suffering for the sake of the church. Paul loved the church and it was his joy to suffer on their behalf.
  2. Also, Paul’s pain had purpose. He desperately wanted to make the Word of God fully known to the people. Ultimately, he was suffering for the sake of the gospel.

👉 verse 27

Paul spoke of riches and glory and mystery.

Don’t we want to know more?!? What is this rich, glorious mystery – it’s Christ living in us!

And why is it so rich and glorious? Because Christ within us is the source of our hope – the hope of glory.

👉 verse 28

Paul’s mission was to proclaim Christ. He did so by warning and teaching everyone with the goal of helping them grow in Christ.

{ This theme of growth – which we have already seen in Colossians – will appear over and over.}

👉 verse 29

This verse brings the whole passage together.

We toil and struggle (v 24) – but we do it with Christ’s power and energy within us (v 27) – in order to help people grow in faith (v 28).

You are loved.

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