Colossians 1:1-14 (Introduction)

Colossians 1:1-14

Colossians is an epistle or letter. So, the introduction is going to tell us a good deal about the purpose or intent of the author.

The author(s) of the letter are Paul and Timothy (v 1).

The recipients are the saints / believers in Colossae (v 2).

Paul and Timothy made it clear that they regularly prayed for their brothers and sisters in Christ (v 3). These believers were known for their faith in Christ and their love for one another (v 4). This letter is to encourage them to continue to grow in spiritual maturity.

2 Key Points Made in the Intro:

👉 the gospel began to bear fruit when the people began to understand grace (v 6)

👉 there is a direction connection between spiritual wisdom (attitudes) and spiritual walking (actions) (v 10).

Ultimately, Paul and Timothy were encouraging the people to walk worthy of the Lord. As believers today, that should still be our goal.

So what does it look like to walk worthy of the Lord?

  1. Our lives should bear fruit / good works (v 10).
  2. We should be increasing in our knowledge of God (v 10).
  3. We should live with endurance, patience, and joy (v 11).
  4. Gratitude should be abundant in our lives (v 12).

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