Psalm 148 All the Earth Will Shout Your Praise

Psalm 148

Scripture makes it clear that all the earth will one day praise its creator. Even now, the psalmist calls on all of creation to shout forth praise.

Praise from Heaven (v 1-6)

All of heaven is to praise him. The moon and stars are specifically called out as being created (v 5) because these were things often worshipped by man.

Praise from Nature (v 7-10)

All the elements of weather and nature praise their creator. Every creature in the depths of the sea will give praise. This section reminded me of Jesus speaking in Luke, “I tell you, if these people keep silent, the stones themselves will cry out.”

Praise from People (v 11-14)

The Lord is worthy of praise whether we are marked by royalty or poverty. Whether old men or children. Whether kings or commoners. Praise is always appropriate.

Happy Saturday, sweet friends. You are loved.

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