Psalm 136 His Love is Steadfast

Psalm 136

It only takes a minute of living to know that life is difficult. And if that was all we had to hold onto – none of us could endure.

This psalm lists some of the qualities of the Lord. He is:

• good (v 1)
• God of gods (v 2)
• Lord of lords (v 3)
• the source of great wonders (v4)
• creator (v 5-9)
• deliverer (v 10-16)
• sovereign over earthly rulers (v 17-22)
• a rememberer of his people (v 23)
• rescuer (v 24)
• provider (v 25)

Oh, God is indeed amazing. And, yet, the quality that the psalmist sang of over and over in every verse was his steadfast love. 26 times.

His steadfast love endures forever.

When man is fickle – God is faithful. When the world is shaky – God is sure. When earthly love is conditional – his love is constant.

He loves you. And his love is steady and sure and constant and eternal.

Wherever you are today – whatever this day holds – you’re carrying his love with you. {Shoutout to George Strait.}

You are loved.

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