Psalm 125 Preserved and Protected

Psalm 125

Like most of you, the last ten months have been full of chaos and uncertainty around the ol’ Edwards homestead as well.

A new town. A new home. Sad goodbyes and fun hellos. Hackers and home repairs. Illnesses and irritations.

As I sat in the car making a two hour trip to a new home, having just been told that someone hacked into my checking and took a sizable amount of money, I repeated these two verses over and over. I said them in my mind. I mumbled them under my breath. I repeated until I believed.

As God’s children, we are preserved (v 1) and protected (v 2). We are defended and delivered. We are secure and surrounded.

When we trust in the Lord – this is our part – when we trust him… we are as unmovable as Mount Zion. The Lord surrounds us like the mountains surround Jerusalem.

Our position in him is secure. We are preserved. We are protected. Forever.

Whatever the enemy is bringing your way today, you stand boldly and say, “I trust in the Lord and I cannot be moved.”

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