Psalm 121 The Lord is My Keeper

Psalm 121

The Lord is your keeper. This was an important reminder for the psalmist. Look at how often he repeats it.

• he who keeps (v 3)

• he who keeps (v 4)

• the Lord is your keeper (v 5)

• the Lord will keep you (v 7)

• he will keep your life (v 7)

• the Lord will keep your coming and going (v 8.)

👉 to keep: to watch over, guard, preserve, to be attentive

Then the psalmist tells who the Lord keeps and when he keeps them.

• The Lord keeps me (and you) specifically (v 3).

• The Lord keeps his people as a whole (v 4).

• The Lord keeps us when we need rest and relief (v 5).

• The Lord keeps us all day and all night (v 6).

• The Lord keeps us from evil (v 7).

• The Lord keeps us from death (v 7).

• The Lord keeps us during all the comings and goings of life (v 8.)

• The Lord keeps us forever (v 8.)

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