Psalm 119:169-176 When We Have Wandered Away

Psalm 119:169-176

The final portion of psalm 119. The final verse always speaks to me.

“I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek your servant.”

175 verses about the importance of being close to the Lord and in his Word and then a closing reminder in verse 176 that we are still only human.

We stray.

But the Lord seeks.

The Lord doesn’t leave us to our wandering. What do we do then – when we have wandered too far and find ourselves off course?

👉 Remember that the Lord knows exactly where we are at any given moment.

👉 Know that the Lord will come for us and we are not forgotten.

👉 Be still and listen. Pray, don’t panic.

👉 Look for landmarks – reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness. They are everywhere.

Bonus material bc it’s the last section 😉:

Let your hand be ready to help me, FOR I have chosen your precepts (v 173).

Why? Why would the psalmist need the Lord to stand ready to help just because he has chosen to follow the Lord?

When we choose to follow the Lord – we should expect a battle! And we need the Lord’s help to fight.

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